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Author of the ,бланк ново1 декларац11 з податку на прибуток п1дприемств за 2016 р. River Mystery series and the new Sonny Hawke Thriller series

Reavis Z. Wortham retired in 2011 and now works harder than before as the author of the critically acclaimed Red River historical mystery series and the Sonny Hawke contemporary thriller series. Hawke’s War, the sequel to Hawke’s Prey, will be released on May 29, 2018.

The serene beauty of West Texas’s Big Bend National Park is shattered when four hikers are brutally ambushed by a sniper.

Only one survives to report the murders. When investigators come up with nothing, they’re left wondering if this is a single incident—or the beginning of a rampage. One week later, Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke drives his 3500 Dodge Dually into the park, determined to unearth the truth…

Before he knows it, he’s in the same sniper’s crosshairs.

The drug and human smuggling cartel known as the Coyotes Rabiosos—Rabid Coyotes—have lured him to remote backcountry, looking for payback for an old grudge. Wounded and stranded in the harsh desert terrain, hunted, and outnumbered, Sonny is about to become the target of an even more dangerous enemy—one whose thirst for revenge could incite an international conflict far beyond the U.S.-Mexican border…

“Introduces readers to a dedicated and seasoned lawman whose complexity and humanity make him an ideal foil to the worst the world has to offer… Wortham has crafted a winning hero with plenty of skills and staying power who is sure to earn the loyalty of readers who miss Elmore Leonard’s western lawmen.”
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Gold Dust: A Red River Mystery
Coming in September 2018

As the 1960s draw to a close, the rural northeast Texas community of Center Springs is visited by two nondescript government men in dark suits and shades.

They say their assignment is to test weather currents and patterns, but that’s a lie. Their delivery of a mysterious microscopic payload called Gold Dust from a hired crop duster coincides with 14-year-old Pepper Parker’s discovery of an ancient gold coin in her dad’s possession.

Her adolescent trick played on a greedy adult results in the only gold rush in north Texas history. Add in modern-day cattle rustlers and murderers, and Center Springs is once again the bull’s-eye in a deadly target.

The biological agent deemed benign by the CIA has unexpected repercussions, putting Pepper’s near twin cousin, Top, at death’s door. The boy’s crisis sends their grandfather, Constable Ned Parker, to Washington D.C.

to exact personal justice in our nation’s capital, joined by a man Ned left behind in Mexico and had presumed dead. The CIA agents who operate on the dark side of the U.S. government find they’re no match for men who know they’re right and won’t stop. Especially two old country boys raised on shotguns.

But there’s more. Lots more. Top Parker thought only he had what had become known as a ,бланк ново1 декларац11 з податку на прибуток п1дприемств за 2016 р.

Gift, but Ned suffers his own form of a family curse he must deploy. Plus there are many trails to follow as the lawmen desperately work to put an end to murder and government experimentation that extends from their tiny Texas town to Austin and, ultimately, to Washington, D.C. Traitors, cattle rustlers, murderers, rural crime families, grave robbers, CIA turncoats, and gold-hungry prospectors pursue agendas ,бланк ново1 декларац11 з податку на прибуток п1дприемств за 2016 р.

all, in a sense, revolve around the center of this little vortex called Center Springs.

Gold Dust seems to ,бланк ново1 декларац11 з податку на прибуток п1дприемств за 2016 р. fiction, but the truth is, it has already happened.

Reavis is the Magna Cum Murder Guest of Honor!

Reavis Z. Wortham is honored to announce that he has been chosen as the Guest of Honor for the 24th Magna cum Murder Crime Writing Festival, scheduled for October 19-21, 2018, in downtown Indianapolis.

In its 24th year, Magna’s reputation has spread globally since its association with CRIMEFEST, one of Great Britain’s most highly respected crime writing conferences.

Reavis joins a list of highly respected authors who have served as the Guest of Honor, including Donald E. Westlake, Mary Higgins Clark, John Gilstrap, Harlan Coben, Jeffery Deaver, Sue Grafton, and Lawrence Block.

Reavis will be joined by the International Guest of Honor, Peter Lovesey, one of Great Britain’s premier crime novelists.

,бланк ново1 декларац11 з податку на прибуток п1дприемств за 2016 р.

Make your reservations now for this fantastic event and join Reavis in this celebration of writers and fans.