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About Appalachian College of Pharmacy

Located in Southwest Virginia, Appalachian College of Pharmacy offers a three-year doctor of pharmacy program, and is committed to serving the needs of rural and underserved communities in Appalachia as well as throughout the world.

The College was дом хармонов симс 3 in August 2003 as the University of Appalachia by Frank Kilgore, assistant county attorney for Buchanan County, Virginia.

The Buchanan County Board of Supervisors and Buchanan County Industrial Development Authority requested that Mr. Kilgore establish a higher education institution as an economic, educational, and healthcare development project. The College is strategically positioned in Buchanan County, Virginia, which shares borders with Kentucky and West Virginia in the center of the Appalachian coalfields. The Appalachian region faces significant economic and educational barriers, as well as healthcare challenges.

A previous дом хармонов симс 3 to the Virginia Legislature documented that residents of Southwest Virginia have difficulty obtaining and paying for healthcare, including dental and pharmaceutical care.

дом хармонов симс 3

By bringing higher education and advances in healthcare to the region, the College is well-positioned to be a catalyst for positive changes in economic development, education, and healthcare.