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With Windows 10 slowly establishing itself in the dot net скачать of many enterprises, IT needs working on testing this fairly new Operating System. Dot net скачать been testing a lot of Applications in the last weeks and months on the Windows 10 Operating System. Applications, especially ones that are written for Windows 7 or Windows 8, come up with Errors or need the Dot Net Framework prior to install.

Windows 10 is preinstalled with the Framework Version 4.6, but many older Applications still require the Dot Net Version 3.5 to function properly.

In theory, the installation is possible via “Programs and Features” -> “Activate Windows Features”.

In reality, this is not working correctly and you are confronted with different Error Messages.

Error 0x800F0906 is just one of the possible Error codes.

With Windows 8 you are able to use DISM to integrate the Framework, given that you have a Windows 8 ISO:

With Windows 10 the same command just fails.

Solution to Install Dot Net Framework in Windows 10:

Finally, after some research and testing dot net скачать, I got the solution to enable the Installation without DISM.

What you need is a Windows 10 ISO dot net скачать alternatively the Windows10 Media Creation Tool.

The Windows 10 ISO has the Dot Net Framework 3.5 located in the Folder sources\sxs\

With the help of PowerShell you can now install the feature:

I copied the .cab File into C:\Temp.

Change this according to your environment!

After inputting the command, the Installation will just run through.

dot net скачать

To fully utilize the dot net скачать Framework a reboot is probably needed.
Furthermore the same command can also be used in an SCCM Package.

As a result, If you use the Package within an OSD Task Sequence, it gets enabled for every imaged machine.

I hope this Post reduces your time to integrate the Dot Net Framework in your own Environment.




Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature-Online-FeatureName NetFx3-Source"C:\Temp"-All


dot net скачать