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eBook Edit Pro

eBook Edit Pro is probably the easiest software to use for compiling your documents into e-Book format, and the price is reasonable, although it is more expensive than ActivE-Book and isn't as feature packed. However, if you're looking for something that can very quickly convert your HTML documents into an e-Book, this one is super simple, and extremely ebook edit pro как редактировать/ branding tool is nice to have (however, it also isn't as flexible as the one in ActivE-Book.

however, the eBook Edit Pro branding tool is, in my humble opinion, easier to use. If your purpose in writing your e-Book is for creating a ebook edit pro как редактировать/ marketing product to give away free on the Internet, this is probably the easiest and quickest software to use for ebook edit pro как редактировать/ project.

"Main Features"
  • Wizard Based Step-By-Step Creation (you're walked through every step ebook edit pro как редактировать/ to completion - super simple),
  • 100% Appearance Customization Capabilities (lets you create a look and feel to match your e-product's exact design),
  • Multi-Media Capable (can add multi-media enhancements such as cgi, php, javascripting, audio, video, flash, etc.),
  • Check for & Auto-Download Software Updates at Startup (optional),
  • New Project / Save Project / Open Project (ability to save project "layouts" for future use - useful when creating a series of e-Books requiring a similar look and feel),
  • User Friendly (can change font size to match the resolution of their computers for ease of reading your e-Books, plus ESC key works to close book, e-book search feature, etc.),
  • Supports the HTML 4 Browser Platform (Users must have Windows 95+ and IE installed to read your e-Books),
  • Free Demo Download (try before you buy),
  • Many Customization Features (such as custom toolbar and icons, you can make the eBook open in full-screen kiosk mode with no toolbar buttons, customize a list of bookmarks for your readers which are displayed in a drop down menu, ability to allow your eBooks to display a fully customizable splash screen pop-up ebook edit pro как редактировать/ open and/or close of the eBook, and much more).
"Special Advanced Features"
  • Check for and Auto-Download Software Updates at Startup (optional - if set, will make sure you are compiling your e-Books with the latest version at all times),
  • Wide Variety of Custom Security Features (for password protection),
  • Compression Utility (compresses the size of your e-Book for faster downloads),
  • eBrand It Included (for re-branding capabilities).

Special Notes: As with the other e-Book compilers in this article, your text documents must be in HTML format to compile them using eBook Edit Pro.

Also, your readers/customers will require Windows 95 or above and Internet Explorer to read/use your books.

Product Support: pop-up help bubbles are located throughout the wizard, limited time offer - unlimited upgrades for new versions released in future, downloadable video tutorials available at their site. They have a contact tab on their site with e-mail contact addresses, including sales - technical - and general support e-mail addresses (the contact page is designed in php so only works in IE or newer versions of Netscape ebook edit pro как редактировать/ won't work in older versions of Netscape such as 4.x or under).

Note: I remember attempting to contact them at one time - they were a bit slow to respond and not very thorough in their response. Their customer support may have improved since then.

Next we review one of the "grandfather's" of e-Book editing software.

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ebook edit pro как редактировать/