Elysium wow classic 1.12.1

Update 7 / 12 / 2017

Dear players,

We would like to inform you about upcoming plans and some information regarding all of our servers, including progression to The Burning Crusade. Please read this carefully and use this forum to give constructive elysium wow classic 1.12.1 and suggestions. As always, we take your feedback seriously and may action any information forwarded to us.


Nighthaven is a fast progressive fresh server which launched on the 5th November 2017.

This server will progress through the patches in around 12 months time.

Nighthaven has been a huge success and with peaks reaching to 5,500 players and rising, we are extremely grateful to the community.

We elysium wow classic 1.12.1 also like to express how enthusiastic and friendly the community is. It is a pleasure to see such a community grow, even the Orcs are being nice!

The system running the server is handling all information extremely efficiently and we are addressing the random crashes which occur. Most crashes have been resolved now, and it has only been happening occasionally but we're almost there! The Game Master team are extremely efficient and tickets are answered within 15 minutes, if not sooner.

This is elysium wow classic 1.12.1 on the situation but most common issues are within the 30-minute mark! We will continue to advertise Nighthaven, and we will continue to provide transparent and recent updates regarding the server and all statistics regarding it.

Thank you for playing, and don't forget to invite your friends!

The Burning Crusade

We have begun development and fixes to our TBC realm. So far, we have a strong team looking into all possibilities and the plan is to get a Beta version out for you in the near future.

We receive many questions about this, so I will try and answer a few of them here:

How can we transfer and who can transfer? Before the launch, characters from Nighthaven will be invited to copy their characters over to our TBC realm.

What happens to our Vanilla characters?

Nothing, they will stay uncopied on the Nighthaven server. They will be untouched and available for use anytime. As above, a copy of your character will be in the TBC realm if you choose to do so.

What about Stratholme characters? See below on details about Stratholme, but there may be a possible to have all previous backups that we owned in which we can transfer to the TBC realm for you.


Stratholme elysium wow classic 1.12.1 the character restoration tool was purely made to give players a choice as to which server to play on, so we decided to give the community that choice.

The character restoration tool is working for the majority of players and has successfully restored over 10 elysium wow classic 1.12.1 player accounts. This transfer does not affect your Light's Hope characters and elysium wow classic 1.12.1 information provided is securely protected, despite rumours. We elysium wow classic 1.12.1 also prove that. We were extremely unhappy with the unprofessionalism of some parties, but the past is in the past.

On that note, we will, unfortunately, be closing the Stratholme server down. We will still provide character restorations in case of unforeseen circumstances so you will always have a home to go to. We also believe that if certain Private Servers are shutting down due to the launch of official realms, we want to give those players the option to stay alongside their friends and guildmates.

Why has this elysium wow classic 1.12.1 come about?

We are aware that many factors come into this, so we will go through some of the basic ones.

We are well aware that a lot of players are loyal to us, and that they wanted to play on Stratholme for awhile. Unfortunately, due to the actions of particular individuals, and the unprofessionalism in how the situation was handled, it took us elysium wow classic 1.12.1 too long to allow the players to have a choice in where they wanted to play.

Ultimately, a lot of players wanted to move, but a lot also didn't want to. This break in playing time in which we were trying to restore services took longer than expected and now players are unlikely to want to return, and that. we understand. We understand that players want to stay with their friends and guildmates.

We wish you the best of luck but please remember that we will always stand by the community of Anathema, Darrowshire and Elysium servers and will always provide a place for you when you need it

We would like to thank this community for bringing us hours of entertainment whilst watching you Raid, PvP and trolling us on Discord.

We wish you happy adventures and again, we understand as to why you'd choose to not go through the trouble when you have somewhere to play. But remember, the restoration tool is still available, and we will provide you with a home if the unexpected elysium wow classic 1.12.1.

Thank you all for your support, and there will be some very exciting news coming up soon!

elysium wow classic 1.12.1

Elysium Staff.