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YOUTH THEATRE of the BLUEGRASS (YToB) was born from Project Encore, a performing arts workshop for youth agesan idea of Founding Director Alyssa Shelton Curry.

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Project Encore turned into a partnership with the Scott County chapter of the YMCA in From toworkshops were held скачать программу для скачивания видео с ytob various schools throughout Scott County (KY) offering Broadway themed classes under the Project Encore banner through the YMCA with much celebration and success.

In JuneYOUTH THEATRE OF THE BLUEGRASS became a recognized (c)(3) non-profit organization and скачать программу для скачивания видео с ytob the Project Encore logo for arts workshops. 

Because YToB does not own facilities for classes or productions, the organization works through the local community, utilizing classrooms and stages in various locations including churches and other community facilities. YToB is not affiliated with a church body or school organization.

YToB stands in the forefront in its commitment to the highest ethical, moral, technical and artistic standards of excellence.

Instructors are professionals, qualified in teaching and/or performing, who must understand our mission statement, values, objectives and goals.

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All YToB staff strive to be excellent role models.


YOUTH THEATRE of the BLUEGRASS is dedicated to developing character in the youth of Georgetown, KY and surrounding areas through training in the performing arts by offering professional instruction and family entertainment, all in a safe, faith-based environment.


  • Developing character values in individuals including commitment, discipline, self-esteem, confidence and integrity.

  • Supporting the family unit through the direct involvement of each family member’s talents, interests and abilities.

  • Providing a quality product without compromising a wholesome environment.

  • Being a Скачать программу для скачивания видео с ytob role model promoting the awareness of a higher accountability.